How is life in sunny Portugal?

As a Wealth Manager, expat of 15 years and recent Portuguese migrant, I find myself talking to clients, friends, and colleagues from all around the World every day.  After doing away with the usual pleasantries, we ask each other “how’s life in [insert any location here]?” and I’m immediately reminded that I should refrain from sounding too happy to those clients, colleagues and friends of mine still in Hong Kong – no one likes a gloat!

Truth is though, it’s hard not to.  Life is great in Portugal, for me and for my family.  Not only are schools open, but they are also very very good. We can travel freely around the country (and the rest of Europe and more) and albeit some new precautions, such as face masks and excessive hand washing, everything is open.  Let’s be frank, even with Hong Kong fully open, Portugal is still a country to be envied.

Low pollution, low crime rates (it’s one of the safest countries in the World), fantastic international schools, free healthcare, low taxes (if you do it right!) and people who are open, friendly, and welcoming.  This is a very short list, but just because the benefits are too long to list in what should be a quick article.

I love to share my experiences with everyone and anyone who cares to listen, and if I can help you get here, whether now or in the future or provide a plan B if things don’t work out in Asia, South Africa, the US, the UK, or wherever you happen to be right now – let me know.

I love to talk about Portugal and I can help you make this dream come true.  I apologies if I sound too happy when I talk about it, though!




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