Lisbon ranked the happiest city in the world

Lisbon has been rated as the happiest city in the world by the American company iVisa, which prepared a ranking with 40 destinations from different countries around the world.

Quality of life, the number of hours of sunshine, number of hours worked, cost of living and the friendliness of residents were the criteria evaluated in the ranking, according to a statement from Turismo de Lisboa, which also highlights that Lisbon is also “one of the most beautiful cities in the world”.

“Lisbon is a city of excellence, a vibrant, inviting and warm city. Being recognised as the happiest city in the world is a stimulus and a challenge to continue the work to improve the quality of life of residents and to make Lisbon an increasingly attractive destination”, said Carlos Moedas, Mayor Municipality of Lisbon and the Lisbon Tourism Association (ATL).


Source: Lisbon ranked the happiest city in the world – The Portugal News

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